Daily Claims Adjuster

Insurance Adjuster and Claims Investigation – File Manager


We will setup interviews ASAP when we received applications from those we feel may be a good fit. The selected candidate will be asked to start as soon as possible. It is understood you may be required to work a notice with another employer.


Required Proficiencies:
· Basic computer knowledge (with the ability to quickly learn new skills)
· Microsoft Word
· Email (Microsoft Exchange/Outlook)
· The ability to type at least 40 words per minute
· Multi-line phone system
· Basic functions of Microsoft Excel
· The ability to apply grammatical skills to generate written narrative reports.

Valuable Skills/Experience (Not Required But Useful):
· Paralegal, Legal Assistant, or Similar Experience
· Claims Adjusting Experience – field work or inside adjuster
· Investigative Experience
· Law Enforcement Experience
· Construction Experience
· Auto-body Repair / Damage Appraisal Estimates


While the job is very challenging, and at times stressful, our team is a close group of claims professionals that work together very well.
We are looking for a new team member to join our current File Managers with all aspects of their workload while learning the skills required to work as a File Manager.
There will be an initial training period of 4-12 months (depending on prior experience). The position will replace one of our current File Managers when he retires in June, 2018 (4 months from now).


Job duties Include :
· Answer phones and communicate with clients, adjusters, insureds, claimants, law enforcement, tow companies, contractors, and other parties involved in claims.
· Keep meticulous notes and billing in our online file management system
· Prepare typed summaries and transcripts of audio statements.
· Prepare detailed, captioned narrative reports explaining the findings of our investigations.
· Assist in dispatching claims to adjusters and appraisers.
· Assist with online research/background checks of people, property, and laws/regulations.
· Obtain recorded statements of involved parties by telephone.
· Additional as needed to assist with the successful investigation and resolution of claims.


File Managers are responsible for overseeing multiple adjusters and claim files, reviewing reports and repair estimates, and providing direction and training to adjusters as they perform complex investigations. File Managers are REQUIRED TO TAKE CALL in the evenings/at night and on weekends based on a rotating schedule (typically 1 week on call and 3 weeks off call). They also work second shift, 2P-10P, one or two nights per week (you are allowed to work from home). Due to the requirement to work from home when you take call, you also must have high speed Internet at your residence. The candidate applying for this position must be prepared to fulfill all the duties of a File Manager including taking call as soon as training is completed.


File Managers (once fully trained) are paid a salary, commission, on-call pay, and provided with a phone allowance.
Initial pay is based on experience, and is a combination of base pay plus a percentage of your billing.
Candidates WITH directly related experience in adjusting casualty claims will be hired AT A PAY RATE based upon their knowledge and proficiency.
A candidate WITHOUT extensive experience directly related to the position will be hired for a probationary period of 30 days, with an low initial hourly pay rate. The hourly pay rate will be increased regularly, and the percentage of their billing they earn will increase as well.
No matter your experience level, as you gain competency in various job duties, you will begin earning a percentage of the time you bill our clients. I provide an example below so this isn’t confuse with something like a sales commission. It is not a sales commission.
Additional opportunities to earn extra income at a higher pay rate by working as a Field Adjuster are also available when we have claims in the local area.


Example (using figurative numbers):
If we bill a client $75 per hour. You are asked to call a police department to find out if a police report is ready. We bill 0.1 hours or $7.50 to our client for that phone call. If your commission is 20%, then you are paid $1.50 for making that phone call in addition to your hourly pay. It takes you five minutes to make the call and update our file notes. Depending on how many billable tasks you complete in an hour, and what your commission percentage is at that time, determines how much your commission total is. Again, your total pay rate is your commission earned plus your base hourly pay rate.


Your initial pay plus commission will realistically be $11-$20 per hour depending on your learning ability, skill level, typing speed, and motivation. The percentage you earn of what you bill will then increase as you become more independent, and will continue to increase based on your proficiency and the length of time you have worked here.
We understand the above can be confusing to some degree. We will explain in further detail during the interview if you apply and are selected. We will also allow you to speak with our most recently hired File Manager so he can explain his own experience coming to work here.


Paid vacation time is provided.
Health benefits are not provided; however, we do have group health insurance options you may purchase on your own if you choose. While the company does not contribute to the cost of the health plan coverage, much better coverage options are available to us as a group than those available to individuals.
You will be issued a computer. After promotion to the File Manager position, you will receive on-call pay as well as a cell phone allowance.


Job Type: Full-time

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