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2 Day Adjuster Orientation-Las Vegas


Join us in the fabulous town of Las Vegas for our 2 day Adjuster Orientation Class. This is a more in depth orientation than our monthly webinars. We will be focusing on client needs and expectations as well as AAN policies and procedures. Based on what we see in the field and client requirements, we are able to tailor this free course to clarify for adjusters what is needed, what the client and AAN expectation is, and how to adjust more efficiently. In this course, we will be covering Daily and CAT claims as well as Commercial Liability.

Date: 10/10 and 10/11

Time: 8:30am-5:30pm

Location: 3651 Lindell Road Las Vegas, NV 89103

Cost: Free to Attend (RSVP Required to

What to Bring: Laptop and cord, mouse and mousepad, note taking materials

What to Wear: Business Casual