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AAN November Update

AAN November Update

Gatlinburg Wild Fire Words from our CEO Ken Gilreath….

We are sure everyone is aware of the fires in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. It’s been all over the National News and the Weather Channel. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people and first responders in the affected areas. KT Cabins, owned by Ken and Tina Gilreath, was not damaged One of the cabins was in the evacuation area but was not damaged by fire. Our friends and family in the area are all safe and we are so thankful for all the rescue crews that helped our loved ones get to safety.

Keep everyone in the area in your prayers. There are several people still missing and it does not look good. Several pets were lost due to people being away from cabins when the fire swept through. We all know pets can be like family members.

AAN Weather Watch

Winter Storm Blanche

Winter Storm Blanche is spreading snow, ice and wind from the Northern Plains to Interior New England. We are tracking this storm and will update you on urgent areas of need.

What’s New


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Reality Show Update

We had a great time filming and we would like to send a huge THANK YOU to the adjusters and film crew for making our vision a reality. It’s gone to editing so stay tuned for upcoming snippets of a day in the life of an independent insurance adjuster. We really can’t wait to see the behind-the-scenes footage!




What People Are Saying About AAN

  • Hey guys often times you only here from me if something has went wrong. I just wanted to pass along some very good feedback on Dustin. I spoke with the insured this morning and he was very impressed with him. He advised he was very polite, thorough, and patient. This is great for our company as he is our face in the field. Please let him know how much we appreciate his professionalism. – Sr Claims Representative
  • I wanted to give a special thank you to Darnell for his work. This insured has been challenging for me to work with and yet it appears that he was able to successfully work with the insured to help us reach a fair and accurate estimate. Let him know how appreciative we are to finally get this claim closed because of his great work! – Home Claims Representative
  • I just wanted you to know that Frank Bryson has been super helpful to me on a claim we are working on together and that just makes the claim so much easier! Also, Brandon Flynn has been so great about getting back to me throughout the weeks when I have questions about things. I really appreciate you guys and hope you have a great weekend. –Cat Claims Representative

AAN Christmas Party Update

The countdown to this year’s Christmas Party has begun. We’re more excited than a kid on Christmas morning! Everyone is going to look super fancy, there’s going to be a billion Christmas lights, a rockin’ band, magical entertainment, and some delicious grub – it’s going to be an epic night. Here is the venue information just in case you don’t have it saved….

When: December 10th 2016
Where: Margaritaville Island Hotel in Pigeon Forge TN
Time: 6:00pm – 10:00pm
What’s included: Dinner and entertainment for you and a guest.

If you have any questions about the Christmas Party, email Tina at

We’re Filling in the Map

We’re constantly adding new adjuster locations so we can be anywhere, any time!

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Upcoming Training

Interested in Haag training, but don’t have the time to attend class? Damage assessment training anytime, anywhere! Haag online training is available at

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