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Adjuster Must-Haves: What the Seasoned Adjusters Don’t Leave Home Without

There’s a learning curve with any new line of work. Realtors learn they need a rubber mallet in the car while lawyers find that always need to keep a digital recorder at hand. Adjusters find they need their own toolkit with a base of solid essentials and maybe a few extra items too.

The Toolkit:

The toolkit itself is a must for organization and professionalism. Fumbling around for items or not having a tool at a moments need can not only give off a bad appearance, but can be dangerous. Furthermore, you will want a toolkit  that can host a number of items unique to adjusting such as a digital camera and a laser measuring tape. These items will need to be safely secured in the kit by means of a draw string, cover, or other means. Gaping pockets, like those in electricians toolkits, may allow your tools to fall out.

An adjuster favorite is the BullyBag. This bag has a camera case and a cinched elastic pouches with a cover.  This can be purchased on Amazon and there’s even an option that includes some essentials like a measuring tape already in the bag.  However it may be a good idea to purchase the bag alone so you can customize your bag.

Roofing Shoes:

Roofing shoes are a major key to provide added safety and confidence on roofs. They have extreme traction and stability technology.  Some even have the ability to divert heat from roofs and keep your feet cool. You can buy a shoe, boot, or a cover that fits onto your already existing shoe.

When it comes to shoes, the most popular in the adjuster crowd leans towards the Cougar Paws brand. Their well-thought-out website has everything from boots to special shoe strings. You wouldn’t want your shoe strings coming untied and then slipping on them!

Telescoping Ladder:

The telescoping ladder is an investment no one regrets. The trick is not to buy cheap with these and buying one you are comfortable using. You will want to make sure your ladder choice can withstand your weight along with the weight of what you are lugging up with you. Most of these ladders will not reach the standard second floor though. So, it won’t be your only ladder although it might be your favorite. They are the easiest to manage and take up the least space.

Ladders are a personal choice so there is no favorite among adjusters. However, we’ve linked an OSHA compliant 15.5’ ladder with a 250lb load that may help you begin your search.

These items certainly will not complete your needs, but they will alleviate them. When we polled adjusters we found adjusters also bank on needing sidewalk chalk, water bottles, an inverter, and personal protection on their trips. What ever unique or staple items you have, we want you to be safe and confident out there on the job!