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Advice from a Claims Adjuster: Preparing for the Storm

Advice from an Insurance Claims Adjuster

Hurricane Matthew is at our southeast door step. When storms of this size roll in, it’s preparation time. One of the best things you can do before you get yourself and family out of harms way is to insure you have a plan if something happens to your home and personal belongings. Here is some great advice from a claims adjuster to prepare for the storm:

1. Have a copy of your insurance information, including your policy number and contact info to file a claim.
2. Contact your insurance agent to ensure you understand your coverage. Especially ask what personal items inside your home might not be covered.
3. If you have high value items in your house that are not covered under your policy, do whatever possible to secure them from storm or flood damage.
4. Take photos and/or video of your home prior to the storm. Take special care to document any recent repairs/improvements and make sure you have documented all the personal property inside your home (include images of make/model numbers if possible).
5. If you own property in another state that is in the path of a storm, use a program like and request a neighbor, friend, tenant, property manager, or caretaker to send pre-storm photos of your property.

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