Insurance claims adjusting

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Careers in Insurance Adjusting

Careers in Insurance Adjusting

Careers in Insurance Adjusting

It’s no secret, insurance is big business in today’s world. We insure everything. From homes and cars to data and yes, even body parts…if there is something on the line to lose, chances are there is insurance for it

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Insurance Adjusters Help Others

Most of us want to make a difference in the world and given the opportunity, would choose to help others. It’s in our nature. When it comes to employment, the extent to which your services help others is one of the most important factors. Especially when it comes to finding work enjoyable and rewarding. For this reason, service to others is one of the top reasons to become an insurance adjuster.
Insurance adjusters are in the business of helping people get back on their feet after they’ve suffered a loss. We get paid well to do it. Whether it’s a catastrophic fire resulting in damage or theft that has led to a loss, adjusters are there to the rescue. We work with victims to inspect losses, assess the damage and help people get back on track. 

Insurance Adjusting is Interesting and Challenging

When catastrophe strikes, insurance adjusters are among the first people to respond. We often show up before the roads clear or the gas stations re-open. We stay wherever we can find an open bed for the night. 
Once you have some experience under your belt, you can choose from a variety of interesting paths in claims adjusting. Whether it’s working with an arson investigation team inspecting still-smoldering remains or responding to floods. Also, tornadoes and forest fires. Insurance adjusters are there to help make things right when it matters most.
Many people don’t expect to discover there’s more to independent adjusting than catastrophe claims. There’s rewarding working for workers’ compensation adjusters. Liability adjusters investigate accident scenes and interview witnesses. Also, they perform exhaustive investigations for important trials. The work is important. It also offers a plethora of opportunities for specializations. It may be aviation, marine, heavy machinery, industrial, or accident investigation. Also, could be work for international insurance companies. A career as an insurance adjuster can take you places. Our work is also interesting and challenging. We have the opportunity to get involved with complex claims investigations. As you develop as a career insurance adjuster, you’ll find yourself working with lawyers, engineers, and other experts.
A fascinating line of work is for adjusters who specialize in the appraisal, arbitration, and mediation. These adjusters often play a key role in dispute resolutions. Resolutions that involve many individuals and large sums of money. There’s a popular joke that says insurance adjusters get to practice law without a law degree.