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Claims Made Easy – Your Go-To Checklist for Filing An Insurance Claim


looking over policy for insurance claim

A person looking through their insurance policy for their insurance claim.

The aftermath of a disaster can cloud even the clearest of minds – that’s why it’s essential to have an easy checklist that you can check off as you go as you file your insurance claim! Get the most accurate information from the Associated Adjusters Network.

Before You File

  • Read your policy regularly! Your insurance policy is more than just a one-and-done. Life changes and your insurance policies should, too. Every year, it’s critical you take a look over your car, home, health, life, disability, and any other policies. Make the time for it – set aside an afternoon.
  • Make a detailed list of your possessions – furthermore, keep all receipts for big purchases. Taking inventory and cataloging the damage can be another headache in and of itself! Preparing ahead of time with a list will make the process much more streamlined. Be sure to record any present damage to ensure no confusion later.
  • Any time you talk to anyone from your insurance company, keep written notes, including details of the conversation of the call. Be sure to include the date and time, the name of the person you’re speaking to – and an extension for them, if possible.

After You File

  • Get up close and personal – identify any structural damage, if applicable. With clear evidence of your possessions’ previous integrity, it will be much easier to discern what’s new and what’s old.
  • Get photographic evidence of everything – take a complete inventory of the damage. Take videos, if you can – it’s crucial to keep as detailed documentation as you can in the aftermath.
  • Take a complete inventory of your damaged items – you must keep an itemized list with descriptions of the damage. Your list does not need to be overly detailed – it’s just to have a solid depiction in both text and images depicting the state of things.

And finally – you need to get in contact with an adjuster in order to actually file your claim. The process of getting an adjuster can be as simple as your insurance company allowing you to use their in-house adjuster. Your insurance company will be looking out for the company – not for you or your family. That reason alone is enough to research to find your private insurance adjuster. If you need coverage in all 50 states and an adjuster who is only a text away, contact one of our highly trained adjusters today!