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Extreme winter damage claims grow demand for adjusters

Extreme-winter damage claims grow demand for adjusters. Frozen pipes, water shortage, and other property damage are the major side effects from the unprecedented snow and cold Texans have collectively faced in the last few weeks, leading to the “Largest Claims Event in Texas History”, even surpassing Hurricane Harvey, according to Insurance Council of Texas spokeswoman Camille Garcia.

“We are so used to our events here in Texas, our severe weather events – hurricanes, hail, tornadoes – but they typically hit a region. So a city or maybe the Gulf Coast, but this one’s hitting the entire state of Texas. So from that perspective, yes, the number of claims is just astronomical and the pace that we’re seeing the claims come in, that’s where we are projecting this to be in the hundreds of thousands, and to be one of the largest claim events here in Texas.”

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