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Getting into Insurance Claims Adjusting

Getting into Insurance Claims Adjusting

Getting into Insurance Claims Adjusting

There are a ton of challenges to surviving your first catastrophe deployment. Without question, the most difficult technical hurdle is mastering Xactimate.

This is a customer service business.

The keyword here is service. You must serve.   Without exception, folks who serve well stand the test of time. This is because they have character and work on their people skills.
We’ve seen a lot of changes in the industry. There’s a lot more of them on the way, too. There are immutable truths about this business that will ensure success no matter how the industry evolves.

You must have both a license and Xactimate skills.

Most of the folks who come to us to get into claims adjusting can and do pass the licensing component. Where people get hung up is on Xactimate. We hate seeing good people miss out on a great career because they don’t master Xactimate. They either think they can’t or they get discouraged and give up. It doesn’t have to be this way.

There are key things about Xactimate everyone needs to know to start, such as:

  • Xactimate is accessible to most everyone with basic computer skills. You don’t have to have autoCAD experience to master this stuff.
  • Xactimate is, at its heart, a simple two-step process of creating virtual rooms and putting construction material on it. It’s not rocket science.
  • Xactimate training doesn’t have to be dry and boring. These computer skills are now taught in the context of real-life claims, and it’s fun and engaging.
  • An instructor that cares about your success is key.
  • Taking an online class is super easy; you can follow along in your own Xactimate, and ask questions live.

If you have any questions about Xactimate, or need further training in customer service, contact us today!

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