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How Much Money Can an Insurance Adjuster Make

How Much Money Can an Insurance Adjuster Make?

How Much Money Can an Insurance Adjuster Make?

What does a catastrophe adjuster salary usually look like? It depends on the type of adjusting you pursue.
When a big disaster strikes, cat adjusters can make a lot of money in a short amount of time. But can you make a steady income year-round?
Whether you want to be independent, or work full time for an insurance company. There are plenty of ways to earn a good living in the field when you become an insurance adjuster.
The pay for each of these can be very different, but we’ll cover both subsets of insurance adjuster salary for cat claims in this article.

How much money does a field claims adjuster make?

The national average for staff adjusters is between $35,000 to $70,000. These positions typically also earn benefits like healthcare in addition to their salary.

An established independent claims adjuster can earn between $40,000 to over $100,000 per year, if they are consistently working. Payment is generally arranged using an independent adjuster fee schedule.

Take a look at these examples to see the range depending on company, location, and job description:

All the jobs listed above mention that you must be ready to travel for catastrophic claims.
As an independent claims adjuster, you control how much you earn. Your pay is based on how many claims you inspect. It isn’t capped at a certain amount.
The type of claims you are looking to handle may also affect the amount you earn as a catastrophic adjuster. If you are handling property claims, you’ll be able to earn over six figures, but when handling auto claims you’ll likely cap out around $80,000. That’s because on a per claim basis, property claims pay more than auto.
Independent property claims are more competitive due to the higher pay and auto claims are easier to obtain. (For info on auto damage appraisal, check out my post on auto damage appraiser salaries.) But an independent adjuster doesn’t have to do just one or the other. It is your business, and you can offer more than one type of service.