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How to Obtain Emergency Adjuster License

How to Obtain Emergency Adjuster License

How to Obtain Emergency Adjuster License

The emergency adjuster license application is only available in the event of an emergency situation. An emergency situation that impacts the state of Florida. The Department determines there is an emergency situation. That is when it will make the application available.
What happens when the application is available? Only Florida-licensed insurance companies and adjusting firms may apply for the Emergency Adjuster Licenses. This is via their MyProfile.
You can submit Emergency Adjuster applications via MyProfile. This is separate from an eAppoint account. If you have not created a MyProfile account for your Appointing Entity, you will need to create one. You will need your Appointing Entity Number and FEIN to create the MyProfile account.

Emergency Adjuster Application Instructions

The appointing entity assumes all responsibility. Assuring by due diligence inquiry. Certifying that the emergency adjuster applicant certifies as qualified to adjust claims. Also, losses, or damages under policies or contracts of insurance issued by the insurer in the event of a catastrophe or emergency. The certified has received training in and is capable of correctly utilizing any computer software program provided by the appointing entity or person to adjust claims. Also, they must be of good and honest character.
The appointing entity defines as a Florida-licensed insurance company or independent adjusting firm
Prior to starting the application process, the appointing entity will need the applicants’ social security numbers. Also, date of birth, addresses (home, business, mailing, and e-mail), and phone numbers (home and business).
The appointing entity will be able to complete a file upload (batch application filing) of this information or manually enter each one.
Should one of the applicants in a file upload have a criminal history or be a legal alien with work authorization. The appointing entity will need to apply for those applicants independently from the rest of the applicants. This is (in a batch file) or the online application will reject the entire filing.
Please note the following fees per applicant:
    • Application Fee = $50.00
    • License ID Fee = $ 5.00
    • Appointment Fee = $10.00

These fees will be paid online during the application process. An appointing entity may pay by VISA, Discover, MasterCard or American Express credit card. There is an additional flat convenience fee of $2.45 per transaction.

If you have any questions about obtaining your emergency license, contact us today!