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Independent Claims Adjusters Essentials

Check out these Independent Claims Adjusters Essentials. If you’re interested in becoming an Independent adjuster, keep in mind they operate as independent contractors. And, frequently required to supply their own adjusting equipment. So, here is a list of tools and basics you will need to be able to complete the job.


When looking into the best apps for adjusters, we’re thinking outside the box for those basic apps that really can benefit you and help make the most out of your time.


This app is full of easy-to-use interactive tools to help you prevent major causes of ladder accidents. And, is complete with ladder safety tools, reference materials, training information, and anything else you would need to know. Download: Apple or Google.


Need to identify shingles, siding, or flooring? The ITEL NOW Mobile Lab App is your solution to quick matching of shingles, siding, or flooring when you don’t have time to send samples to a lab. Download: Apple or Android.


You need to measure something, this app can do it. Quickly measure objects at any distance, distance to a specific point, and anything else you can imagine. It is free to download, but it does have in-app upgrade purchases. Download: Apple or Android.


An app that allows you to simply take a photo of a document and then it converts it to a PDF. At AAN, Inc. we use this app pretty much daily and it makes scanning and emailing documents when out of the office quick and easy. Download: Apple or Android.

  • WAZE

Featuring real-time traffic updates and live routing based on community information, rerouting options as traffic changes, gas station pricing, up-to-date maps, and so much more. Download: Apple or Android.


The real question is what kind of vehicle an independent adjuster should drive. Much of that depends on the types of claims you’re handling. In many cases and areas, a sedan or coupe will work fine. For other situations, especially CAT claims, something more robust is often needed. This is to maneuver through flood, storm, or wind damage. A light truck is a great balance between providing the space and toughness you may need, without going overboard.


Digital cameras have only become more affordable in recent years. They are offering better features and technology. You will want something smallish, lightweight, and easy to work. Anything over 7 or 8 megapixels isn’t necessary, but the more memory, the better. GoPro’s popularity has upped the standards. Impact-resistant cameras are much more available today.


Roof damage due to hail and high winds results in tens of thousands of claims a year. Property adjusters should prepare to spend some time on roofs. Unfortunately, most accidents befalling claims adjusters involve ladders. Having a good quality, stable ladder is vital.

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