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Independent Claims Adjusters Must-Haves

Independent Claims Adjusters Must-Haves

Independent Claims Adjusters Must-Haves

Having the right gear is critical for an independent insurance adjuster. It enables you to close claims with maximum efficiency. An efficient claims handler is an adjuster who will never go hungry.

Laptop Computer

The days of hand-writing claims are over. Today’s adjuster estimate, prepare and deliver everything electronically (often from the field). So, you’ll need a reliable and capable laptop computer. You don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles, but you do need a quick machine. And one that can take a bit of a beating as you’ll take it with you everywhere.
We would recommend visiting your favorite computer store and talking with the salesperson. Bring the specs for popular estimating software (Xactimate and IntegriClaim are most common). Ask the tech to show you the lowest priced laptops that can successfully and quickly manage the software. You can always build up from that point, adding more features if there’s room in the budget.
Some adjusters have started using tablets instead of laptops. Software companies are still working to make this a more friendly option. While I can see the advantages of a light, handheld tablet, I wanted to offer a word of caution. The technology for tablets is still a bit behind the conceptual curve. There are mobile versions of some software (XM8 offers one). But, you have to pay a premium for it and basically learn as you go. And at the end of the day, you only know the tablet version. We recommend starting with a great laptop and then looking at upgrading to a tablet if the cost and software improve at a later date.

Helpful Navigation and Mapping Apps

Smartphone navigation capabilities have made a separate GPS device obsolete. If you have one you are familiar with and love, there is no harm in using it. There isn’t a real need to invest in a separate GPS.

Newer, better mapping and navigation apps have started to pop up and gain traction among drivers. Google and Waze are two of the most popular with adjusters. Google can link with your calendar to sync your schedule with driving directions. For example: pull up your next scheduled claim, click the address, and the map comes up for you. Waze can figure out the most efficient route for destinations and list them in order for you. 

Measuring Devices

An adjuster makes two broad determinations when assessing the damage: what is the damage and how much? You can’t figure out the ‘how much’ without a measuring tool.

Most adjusters today are using a laser measuring device or systems. They are easier for the adjuster to handle and, when used properly, offer a more accurate measurement. You can buy lasers starting at around $50 and spend upwards of $1,000 for systems that integrate with your estimating software. For our ‘must-haves,’ a reliable 100-foot laser measuring device will work fine to start your career.

Tool Belt

There are few items more indispensable to a claims adjuster than your tool belt. This is where you carry almost everything you need. Standard contractor tool belts will do. But, you run the risk of items falling out of the open pockets or adjuster specific equipment not fitting securely on a regular belt. There are some great adjuster specific toolbelts on the market that are worth the investment.


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