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Insurance Adjuster Holiday Gift Ideas

Insurance Adjuster Holiday Gift Ideas

Happy Holidays, Insurance Nation! It’s the most wonderful time of year when you put on the Holiday Hits radio station and annoy everyone all day by singing along –or maybe that’s just us. Anyway to celebrate the season of giving you might have an insurance adjuster in your group of family & friends that you want to give a gift to but not sure what to give. We have some great insurance adjuster gift ideas just for you, so let’s get started….


The Ever-So-Timeless Coffee Mug


This mug from is perfect to put a smile on your adjuster’s face.


This mug from is LIFE right now. There are a few adjusters we know that will be getting this for Christmas.


For more mug ideas, check this out.


The Slightly-Ironic-T-shirt


This tee from comes in tons of different styles and sizes.

shopping (1)

Once we found this tee on, we all had to have it. Can’t image an insurance adjuster not loving this.


The Freaking-Adorable-Baby-Gift, (that is more of a gift to the parent than the baby)

shopping (2)

This onesie from is too cute. They have every style and size you can think of.


The I-Really-Care-About-You-Custom-Tool-Belt


We have seen these adjuster tool belts from in action and they are amazing. You can customize your tool belt with exactly what you need.


The Adjuster-Kit-with-Assorted-Gifts

A few people here at AAN love to give kits or baskets as gifts with little things everyone adjuster needs. They were so kind to share their best gifts to put together to make the perfect adjuster kit:

Pack of chalk, pack of pens, small and medium flashlight (with batteries), pepper spray (because better safe than sorry), portable phone charger, extra USBs, gift card to some food place, a travel coffee mug, and silly putty for stress.


Put together the gifts you want to give in a basket or tin and write on the card – To replenish your Adjuster Kit –and boom, best gift ever!


The Because-You-Are-Just-So-Special-I-Made-You-Pie (everyone loves pie)


Everyone loves pie and they are super easy to make, especially now they have pre-made dough you can buy at the store. Put on your sneaky-sneaky hat and find out if the person you are getting a gift for likes pie or what their favorite dessert might be. If they don’t like desserts (it happens) we would recommend going with the Adjuster Kit gift idea, or a coffee mug. Mugs have a million uses and you can include them with the gift.



You can’t go wrong with these gift ideas and we know you have a few more we might have left out. Share your gift ideas in the comments below! If you are interested in joining AAN Inc’s Nation Wide Adjuster Network  contact us today and we will happily share all the details. Have a great holiday season, Insurance Nation!


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