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Insurance Adjuster License Options

Insurance Adjuster License Options
Once you have your home state or DHS license, there are two ways most adjusters become qualified to work a catastrophe in another state. This is through reciprocal licenses or emergency licenses. Both require you get your home state or DHS license first. 

Reciprocal License

Once you have your home state license, you can apply for another state’s license through reciprocity. The process is pretty straightforward. Apply online, pay your fees, and you should receive approval pretty quickly. All as long as the states are reciprocal with each other. Reciprocal licenses have one huge advantage over the emergency license. Once you have it – you are ready to go. No waiting, paperwork, time limit, or sponsor needed.

Emergency License

An emergency adjuster license is temporary, good for 3 to 6 months, and you can extend as needed.  These licenses are incredibly important after a disaster. They allow the state to quickly license out-of-state adjusters who otherwise wouldn’t qualify. But they do present a challenge – you must have an approved sponsorship by an employer. While that doesn’t usually affect veteran adjusters, it can be an obstacle for brand new adjusters who are looking to break into the industry. Employers will sponsor new adjusters when things get tough. You are a much more attractive candidate when you already have the necessary license in hand.
We are aware that all this information can be daunting and somewhat overwhelming.  AAN is here to help.  We have the info and knowledge you need to become a licensed insurance adjuster.  This is an ever-growing industry and we would love to help you break through.
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