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Insurance Adjusting Career

Insurance Adjusting Career

Insurance Adjusting Career

It’s no secret, insurance is big business in today’s world. We insure everything. From homes and cars to data and yes, even body parts…if there is something on the line to lose, chances are there is insurance for it.

Independent Adjusters Travel

Forest fires, floods, hail storms, ice storms, earthquakes, or tornados are a few of the major natural disasters that occur every year. These events mean the mass deployment of thousands of insurance adjusters all over the country. Catastrophes occur from coast to coast. A career doing “daily claims” in your hometown is a rewarding path. CAT adjusters are often ready for the adventure of life on the road. These adjusters can ramble throughout the states and even travel internationally for work. Spring brings everything from hailstorms in Colorado to mudslides on the West Coast to tornados on the plains. Late summer and fall mean hurricanes in the Gulf and fires in California. Winter brings all sorts of weather-related challenges across the northern parts of the United States

Regardless of the season, your career as an insurance adjuster will take you places. Deployments can last weeks or months, sometimes even longer. When it comes to transportation and lodging, most adjusters fly or drive to their deployment. They then book a hotel, motel, or rent a condo or Airbnb, often with fellow adjusters. Some insurance adjusters travel in personal RVs and or with trailers. It’s not uncommon for husband and wife insurance adjusting teams to work and travel the country together. Also, retired couples to partner up and enjoy time together in a lucrative second career.

Career Help

Whether you’re just starting your search for an insurance adjuster school, require Xactimate training, or are ready to get your adjuster license, AAN is here to help.

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