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Jimmy Hicks from AAN about being an adjuster

Jimmy Hicks from AAN about being an adjuster

Jimmy Hicks, who leads AAN, Inc. remembers the days when an adjuster showed up in a suit and holding a ladder. The average cycle time? Thirty days! Obviously, the property side of insurance has evolved since then.

So, hear about Jimmy’s journey through the decades and how AAN has adapted to industry changes, how they maintain solid adjuster & appraiser relationships, and what principles guide them.

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And, it’s important to remember that there is a need for adjusters all over the country, every day of the year. Because adjusters are not just needed during winter. From floods to hail storms, hurricanes, tornados, wind, snow, and even heatwaves. These all create a demand for adjusters.


We are a national independent adjusting firm offering daily and catastrophe claims assistance to insurance carriers. And, we offer 24/7 service with our dedicated customer support team, file review, and claims management. Our highly trained adjusters are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

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