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Ken Gilreath Sponsors Just Track It

Ken Gilreath sponsors Just Track It

Ken Gilreath sponsors Just Track It

Ken Gilreath, proud sponsor of Just Track It and CEO of AAN Adjusters will be running a Just Track It weekend of high-speed fun at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, AL.

About Just Track It

Just Track It was founded in March 2013 to bring affordable track days to car enthusiasts around the Southeastern US. Aiming to get everyone on track in their own car for the lowest possible price allowing them to enjoy cars at its performance limits.

Open track events feature extensive track time for all driver levels from first-timers to seasoned racers. They provide instruction to novice drivers in the form of in-car coaching and classroom chalk talk sessions.
Membership is not required to participate in any event but they do have a special membership program available giving discounts to their events and with their preferred partners. You can find more details of the Just Track It Track Pass here.

Ken Gilreath sponsors Just Track It

Ken Gilreath, CEO of AAN Adjusters is a Just Track It official sponsor. Father/son duo Ken and Brad Gilreath have been Just Track It drivers for several years now. You can usually find them along with their family and friends in the paddock. From August 8-9, 2020 they will be running a Just Track It weekend of high-speed fun at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, AL.

Event details

  • Open to licensed drivers age 16 or older (under 18 requires accompanying parent)
  • All experience levels welcome
  • SA2010 or newer rated helmet required
  • Convertibles must have roll over protection – see Car and Driver Requirements for details
  • Open cockpit cars such as Thunder Roadster, Radical, Sports Racers, Arial Atom, Exocet must use arm restraints
  • Completed tech inspection form is required
  • Event runs rain or shine, hot or cold
  • Passengers are allowed (16 or older) for all solo drivers
  • Sessions will run from 8am-5pm with 1 hour lunch break
  • Sound limit at Barber is 103dB measured from a fixed location
  • Camping in the paddock is available for a $100 fee
  • Electrical hook ups will be available in the paddock for a fee payable to the track
  • Host Hotel is the Hampton Inn Leeds
  • Event cost is $549.99 per driver
  • Novice-Instructed requires an additional instructor fee of $75
  • Share your car and drive time with a co-driver for an additional fee
  • Saturday Only and Sunday Only registrations are only available for Novice-Solo, Intermediate 1, 2, and Advanced. 

Run group format

  • Novice will include both instructed drivers and solo drivers as follows
    • Novice-instructed for drivers with 0-4 events +/-
    • Novice-Solo 4-6 events +/-
  • Intermediate 1 for drivers with 6-12 events +/-
  • Intermediate 2 for those drivers with 13-25 events +/- working on becoming advanced drivers.
  • Advanced is for highly experienced drivers with 25+ events. In this group drivers must be able to maintain speed through the corners and never hold up a faster driver regardless of where on the track.

Car and Driver requirements


Tech Form

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