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NASCAR 2022 Tommy Joe Martins

NASCAR 2022 Tommy Joe Martins

NASCAR 2022 Tommy Joe Martins

Exclusive: Tommy Joe Martins To Drive Part-Time for Martins Motorsports in 2022, Revamped Driver Roster Coming

“I think with the way we’ve performed this year; I’m going to get an opportunity to be pretty selective about who we put in the car. I really want people who can go up there and compete for top 20’s week in and week out.”

The plan is straightforward for the team in 2022; break the season up into chunks, packaging deals by types of tracks – short tracks, superspeedways, road courses, and intermediates.  Martins has already found his comfort zone and plans to maximize his skillset on a specific selection. Tracks including Bristol, Darlington,  Nashville, and (if this ever occurs), anything on dirt would fit Martins’ taste well.

Sponsorship for specific tracks will also help determine the schedule for Martins. SuperMega, a wildly popular YouTube comedy channel that backed Martins earlier this year at Charlotte,  has expressed interest in returning to the No. 44 for a race on the west coast in 2022. With potential track-specific deals from longtime partners Gilreath Farms and Diamond Gusset Jeans, Martins wants to represent those sponsors well at their respective home tracks.

“I definitely think that my strengths have probably been mostly on the mile and a halfs, some of the short tracks,” explained Martins. “I like to think of myself as a pretty good, all-around racer.”

The No. 44 Camaro remains for 2022, as Martins confirmed that the team would remain with Chevrolet. Being from a family of Chevys, Martins has enjoyed a great relationship with ECR and Fisher Brother Engines and reaffirmed the commitment to both parties for the future. The No. 44, with plenty of family history, will also stay with the team for the future.

So as far as the rest of the roster goes – what are the expectations and requirements for the seat? Martins is eying at least four to five drivers for the No. 44 car in 2022. Martins noted that even more drivers could be more beneficial financially. Still, from a team chemistry and shop standpoint, it can be challenging for a team to get into a rhythm, especially for a small team like Martins Motorsports. With one young driver already confirmed for the team, Martins is looking for an Xfinity newcomer, as he previously teased and confirmed, a road course ringer, another young driver with a mixture of Truck and Xfinity experience, and a speedway-centric driver. Each driver, best-case scenario, would take up roughly six to eight races.

“I look at a guy like Andy Lally, if you can get a guy like that, to come in with road course sponsorship…and how much better does that make your team? In the standings, for him, and us – it works out great for everyone.”