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NFIP Adjuster Claims Presentation

NFIP Adjuster Claims Presentation

NFIP Adjuster Claims Presentation

FEMA sponsored NFIP Claims Workshop Presentations

March Schedule:

March 3 – Little Rock, AR *

Mar 5 – Sacramento, CA

Mar 10 – Mesa, AZ

March 12 – Sunrise, FL

Mar 17 – West Des Moines, IA *

March 19 – Knoxville, TN

Mar 24 – Houston, TX

Mar 31 – Iselin, NJ


The dates with an * I will be scheduling a luncheon meeting for Training Beyond NFIP Adjuster Claims Presentation. 


If you know for sure that you want to attend one of the Presentations, I recommend you register as soon as you figure out your schedule.

The registration limits fill up quickly especially the closer it gets to the end of May (which is the last month these Presentations are held)!

By attending this presentation you will be able to receive or renew your Flood Control Number (FCN) card.

You are probably aware that without an FCN card, you cannot adjust flood losses for FEMA.

Whether you use it or not, it is a great, free way to boost your personal resume.

If you are unable to attend a presentation in Florida, there are others, they will just require a little more travel on your part depending on where you live.

See the Full Claims Presentation Schedule

If this is your first time attending the presentation or you are upgrading your FCN card to RCBAP (Residential Condominium Building Association Policy) or Large Loss you will need to complete the Adjuster Registration Application Form.

More details are on the Full Claims Presentation Schedule link above.

Make it a great day.

Talk soon,

Robert Ballard ANFI, CFGA, CGA

P.S. If you know someone else who would benefit from attending the NFIP Claims Workshop Presentation please pass this on to them.

Contact us if you have any questions about further training!

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