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PixitNow - A Tool for Insurance Adjusters

PixitNow – A Tool for Insurance Adjusters

PixitNow – A Tool for Insurance Adjusters

What is Pixitnow?

We provide a tool for professionals from numerous industries. A tool to capture photos and videos (media) in the field. Also, easily transmit them back to their office, employer, or client. We store the media in the cloud and accessible by admin users instantly after submitted. This allows information to flow quickly from the field to admin teams. Also, it allows users in the field to time stamp photos and videos for documentation purposes.

Instant Photos from the Field

The frustration of waiting for on-field personnel to email or upload their photos is over. Also, photos can be instantly uploaded and labeled as they become obtained. Photos can also be sent directly to your file via text message.

Web Based, Photo Management

Easily track and organize photos from multiple users based on the file reference number. Software tracks who obtained the photo and when taken, then place it in the correct file. Also, admin users can view photos almost instantaneously after they’re taken.

PDF or Zip Download

Download photos and videos to your computer in a labeled pdf photo report or in a zip folder.

No App, Any Phone

Admins can request photos through their phone or computer. Users can submit photos by texting to the file, or by uploading the through their phone or computer’s browser. No confusing or costly app to download. EVER!


Super Easy To Use

Watch how easy pixitnow makes gathering photos from anyone with a cell phone.

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During the trial period, users have full access to our standard pixitnow program. The only limitation is that trial users cannot customize the program.

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