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Tips for the Insured

Tips for the Insured

What to do tips for the insured following property damage or loss. With these suggestions, you can help deliver speedy, effective management of your claim for property damage or loss.


  1. Take photos or video of all building and content damage before any emergency repairs.
  2. Protect your property to prevent further loss. For instance, put a tarp on the roof. Do temporary building repairs, move or remove trees, and move property out of harm’s way.
  3. Preserve damaged property to prevent further damage. Save it so that the Insurance adjuster can see it.
  4. Get a written estimate to repair building damages.
  5. Make a room-by-room list of damaged property, showing quantities, ages and replacement prices.
  6. Keep an accurate list of all additional living expenses.
  7. Keep an accurate list of the supplies you buy to do emergency repairs.
  8. If you must leave your normal residence, leave a forwarding address or phone number. This is where your agent and claims adjuster can reach you.
  9. Keep an inventory of your belongings.

If you make an inventory of your belongings, your adjuster can handle your claim quickly after a loss. For starters, make categories on a sheet of paper. You might want to include electronics, furniture, appliances, hobby items. Or fine art, collectibles, jewelry, tools, and clothing. For larger items, record serial numbers. Whenever you can, save receipts, and take photographs or make a videotape. Keep all these records away from your house, such as in a safe deposit box.

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