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Top 5 Apps for Insurance Adjusters

Apps are developed for anything and everything you could ever imagine. It’s great to have so many choices, but you don’t really know which apps are worth downloading or which ones are complete garbage. Thank goodness there are wonderful people out there willing to review them for you to help you decide.

When looking into the best apps for adjusters, we’re thinking outside the box for those apps that really can benefit you and help make your job a little bit easier- even though we all know easy doesn’t exist in the world of insurance adjusting. Let’s get to the reviews!


NIOSH Ladder Safety App

A ladder safety app, who knew? This app is full of easy-to-use interactive tools to help you prevent major causes of ladder accidents. The app includes:

  • Angle Measuring Tool – Set an extension ladder at the correct angle (approx. 75 degrees) quickly with the angle measuring tool. It uses visual, sound, and vibration signals so you can get the job done right and not worry.
  • Selection Tool – Provides a procedure to select the minimum required ladder duty rating corresponding to user characteristics and task.
  • Inspection Tool – Create your own checklist for ladder mechanical inspection.
  • Proper Use Tool – Your quick handy guide for safe ladder use if you need to check something.
  • Accessories Tool – Lists options for extension ladder safety accessories

And is complete with ladder safety tools, reference materials, training information, and anything else you would need to know about ladders at your fingertips no matter where you are. It is available in English & Spanish.

Using the app is easy and you can jump back and forth quickly between tools. The measurements are spot on and clear to read. The visuals are bright and simple to understand. All around, great app. What makes it even more wonderful – it’s Free!


Download for Free for any Apple or Google device.


ITEL Mobile Lab App

Need to identify shingles, siding, or flooring? The ITEL Mobile Lab App is your solution to quick matching of shingles, siding, or flooring when you don’t have time to send samples to a lab. The app is basically a quick version of their lab process so you can get an answer as fast as possible. This app is a little difficult to review when you don’t have anything to submit to put it through its paces. We’re going to let the experts from ITEL explain exactly what this app can do for you:

Property adjusters, contractors, and stores can put the ITEL lab at their fingertips with the ITEL Mobile Lab app. With the app, you can receive accurate flooring pricing and siding and asphalt roofing matches direct from our lab in just 30 minutes!

The ITEL app guides you through taking the necessary photos and measurements for upload to our lab, where every test is performed by an ITEL analyst. The app supports flooring, siding, asphalt roofing, and area rugs (imported and domestic):
• Flooring: ITEL will return a lab report with accurate retail replacement price for carpet, wood, vinyl, laminate, and pad/underlayment in just 30 minutes. Same-day service is also available.
• Siding and Roofing: ITEL will find the best available matches for damaged siding and roofing. Reports are returned within 30 minutes and include matching product information and photographs. Contact info is also provided for the closest distributors.
• Area Rugs: A Certified Rug Appraisal is returned to you by the next business day. Appraised value and Like Kind and Quality replacement products are included along with your submitted photos.

This app also features offline use, fast processing, integrated instructions, and the option to have reports sent to your device or email.

The only downside is the time it might take to get everything set up to use the app. It is free to download, but you will have to call ITEL customer service to register account and order their toolkit for flooring/roofing/siding. Everything else about this app is super fast and easy to use. Give it a go and let us know what you think!


Download for free for any Apple or Android device.

Easy Measure

This review is going to be pretty short and sweet. There are a few measuring apps on the market but we really like the user interface and accuracy of the Easy Measure App. You need to measure something, this app can do it. Quickly measure objects at any distance, distance to a specific point, and anything else you can image. It is free to download, but it does have in-app upgrade purchases.


Download for free for any Apple or Android device.


Ever been in a situation where you needed to scan a document and all you had was your phone? This app is going to change your world. Scanner App allows you to simply take a photo of a document then it converts it to a PDF that can be sent to you or anyone else who needs it. At AAN, Inc. we use this app pretty much daily and it makes scanning and emailing documents when out of the office quick and easy.


Download for free for any Apple or Android device.


This app is a huge favorite in the adjuster community and for good reason. The Waze app features real-time traffic updates and live routing based on community information, rerouting options as traffic changes, gas station pricing, up-to-date maps, and so much more. You can even add reviews for local food places and other businesses. We really appreciate the live traffic updates and listing of cheapest gas stations. The Waze app is owned by Google so you can expect great quality and current maps.


Download for free for any Apple or Android device.


These apps are only a handful of great apps available out there that can be utilized by adjusters. What are your favorite apps to use on the job? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.


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