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Turning Your Car into A Mobile Office

mobile office

Adjusters spend a lot of time in their vehicles so why not create a mobile office? The advantages list is pretty long and the disadvantages……well there really aren’t any disadvantages. You probably already have an almost complete mobile office set up in your vehicle already and with just a few additional gadgets and gizmos you’ll be all set! Let’s check out some available options (that are cost effective) to create your dream mobile office…

Work Surface

A Mocar trayuntable Tray – You’re probably already like – huh, that would definitely make a difference. And you would be very right, my adjuster friend. A mountable tray has a million uses – a place to put your laptop and work, a place to set food to eat, drum surface to make those cool beats, makeup station, meditation trinket holder for when you need a few minutes to clear your mind, could go on forever but you get the idea. If you have a bit more space to work with, there are a some cool workstations that attach to a center console that would also be perfect for your mobile office.


Staying On Grid

  •                 Signal Booster – The function is in the name; it boosts your signal so you can stay connected.
  •                 Mobile Hotspot – Maybe you don’t want to drive around and find somewhere with WiFi because your car isn’t mobile hotspot. No worries, you can just as easily get one and like magic you have internet everywhere; even in the middle of nowhere if you have a signal booster.


File Box – You never know you need one until you have one, know what we’re sayin’? Store extra documents in a file box and never deal with papers being all over your car. They are cheap, light weight, and you can get a few of them and store anything and everything in them. Your future self will definitely thank you.

These are only a few options to get you started. Depending on how much you travel and work, you can really get creative with your mobile office and it be completely customized. Share your recommendations for the ultimate mobile office in the comments below.

AAN Training for New Adjusters

You’re licensed (or not depending on your base state) and ready to go, but you would like a bit of guidance for the first few so you get it all right from the beginning. Well, AAN Inc. has an amazing training program for new adjusters. Check out our AAN Apprenticeship Program and apply today!

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