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What to do if a hurricane damages your home

What to do if a hurricane damages your home

What to do if a hurricane damages your home

First things first, stay calm, and then call us!

So, you experienced damage from a hurricane. Windows blown out. An oak tree on the roof. Floodwater sloshed through the living room. Now what?

First, it’s important to remain calm. Set realistic expectations for what comes next. There is definitely a long and complicated process of cleaning up, hiring help and navigating insurance claims.

Document Damage

Take photos of everything. The inside, the outside, the roof, the flood line that shows how high the water went. Make sure you have pictures from before and after, to prove what it looked like before.

File a Report with Us

Contact us as soon as possible. We have adjusters ready at a moment’s notice.

Be sure you have knowledge of your specific policy. One general rule is that standard homeowners policies do not cover flooding, which requires a separate policy. You may have been required to purchase flood insurance when you bought your home, but otherwise you’d need to have added it.

Protect Your Property from Further Damage

Early cleanup comes down to stopping more damage. Cover leaking holes with a tarp. Board up broken windows. Get the tree off the roof. Prevent mold by mopping up water and removing wet items like books or mattresses.

A policy may cover reasonable mold prevention, but might not cover mold removal.

Every policy is different, but many policies cover around $3,000 of damage mitigation.

If You Cannot Stay, Save Receipts

Most homeowners insurance policies will cover some living expenses for “loss of use” of a property. This means it’s uninhabitable until it’s repaired or completely rebuilt. This could include the cost of a hotel, or even rent on an apartment if it takes longer. It may also cover things like the cost of dining out because you don’t have a home kitchen.