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What’s New in Insurance Adjuster Technology

Drones, new apps, and estimating software updates are popular technology innovations for adjusters. But that can’t be all there is for us adjusters, right? We have found new innovations and technology breakthroughs in other industries that are perfect for claims adjusters.


Smart Vest

Originally developed for the construction industry, the smart vest is an amazing piece of tech that is perfect for adjusters handling CAT or other high-risk claims where there is a lot of debris in the area. Redpoint has developed a smart vest that is integrated with GPS tracking, emergency button, biometric measuring of heart rate and stress levels, and environmental safety alerts. The emergency button is an excellent feature to alert for help and if you are unable to press it, the built in biometric monitor will also alert for help. This vest is your own personal safety monitor. Oh, and did we mention it’s super stylish.  Check out this great video about Redpoint’s Smart Vest.

Smart Glasses

Smart glasses have been around for a while but not with the type of technology adjusters that would greatly benefit adjusters – until now. XOEye has developed smart glasses equipped with a camera, perfect for video documentation of claims. The video feed can be monitored in real time at an off-site location. The glasses also have a built in direct communication feature where you can speak with whoever you need to while on site inspecting claims – and with the built-in camera, they will be able to see everything you are looking at in real-time. The adjuster training implications are endless with these smart glasses.


Starlink -5G Satellite Internet That Works Everywhere (seriously, everywhere)

Ever in a situation where you are inspecting claims and you have no internet connection? Not on your phone, hotspot, laptop, or camera – nothing will connect. Well SpaceX has developed Starlink – a network of satellites that will bring 5G internet to every part of the world. You will never be stuck off-grid again. You can instantly send documents, pictures, and videos in seconds. In CAT situations you would never be without internet access, you would simply type in the satellite WiFi password and poof – the world is at your fingertips. We won’t be able to benefit from this technology until 2019 or 2020 but that is a time frame I don’t mind waiting for. Find out more about Starlink in this article from NBC News.

Insurance claims adjusters have an amazing ability to adapt new technology and make work in a way that streamlines the entire adjusting process. New innovations are developed every year and the future of adjuster technology is looking bright. We can’t wait to see what will come next.


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