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Why Become an Insurance Claims Adjuster?

Why Become an Insurance Claims Adjuster?

Why Become an Insurance Claims Adjuster?

It’s no secret, insurance is big business in today’s world. We insure everything. From homes and cars to data. Sometimes, even body parts. If there is something on the line to lose, chances are there is insurance for it. 
So what does this mean to you, the prospective career claims adjusters? Insurance policies result in insurance claims and the need for a claims adjuster. There are a lot of great reasons to consider a career in insurance adjusting.

Insurance Adjusting Offers Career Independence

You may feel stuck in your current work situation. Or you’ve grown weary of the cubicle farm. Most people hope their work is fulfilling. Also, even more than that, people crave independence. Veteran adjusters will tell you if you do things right, that is what a career in claims adjusting offers. 
The lifestyle of a career claims adjuster allows for freedom and independence few careers can match. Adjusters dress respectably but casually. We can work hard for a short period of time and take it easy for the rest of the year if we choose. We can even work with our spouses. Many insurance adjusters are entrepreneurial. Also, they can develop claims companies, hire adjusters, and grow a business in this stable, recession-proof industry.
Or, you may be a homebody. It’s common for many of us to stay right at home handling daily claims in our hometown. Perhaps you do your paperwork on Mondays and handle inspections on Fridays. We may hire someone to do our paperwork and focus 100% on inspection, or dispute resolution, or consulting.

Claims Adjusting Offers Career Options

When it comes to your career path in insurance adjusting, you have options. Many people enter the insurance adjusting industry through personal experience with a claim. This could be something like a hurricane. But catastrophe claims is the tip of the iceberg in insurance adjusting. There are many, many more lines of work.
Think about it — insurance is ubiquitous in today’s world. There’s insurance for autos, homes, boats, and planes, personal liability, business liability. Also, workers compensation, livestock, and crop. There’s even insurance for computer data! You get the picture. If there’s something on the line to lose, chances are there’s insurance for it. 
Where there’s a need for insurance, there’s a need for insurance adjusters. And the career path possibilities are nearly endless for prospective insurance adjusters.
Independent insurance adjusters work primarily for claims adjusting companies. Companies such as bureaus or third-party administrators (TPAs). Careers for independent adjusters also vary widely. Some work locally, some travel, some get paid by the hour, some by the day, others by the claim. The work is flexible and enjoyable, and one commonly noted aspect of this path is that the pay is great. In fact, independent adjusters often make high six-figure incomes, while often working only part of the year.